Graupner OS MAX 21 XZ-R Version II (2791)


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The OS MAX 21 XZ-R Ver. II motor was developed especially for onroad competition in the 1:8 scale. The major focus, in addition to perfect performance, was placed on the already legendary workmanship and long life of OS motors. This OS symbiosis of quality and outstanding performance is now also available for everyone in the segment of 1:8 onroad models. Equipped with the new 21M carburettor, the RP7 spark-plug for turbo combustion chambers, and a special cooling head.


Distance of screw hole /longitudinal 21 mm
Distance of screw hole / crosswise 37 mm
Diameter of fixing hole 3,3 mm
Width 45 mm
rpm range, approx. 4000-45000 U/min
Recommended for Onroad models M 1:8
All-up weight, approx. 343 g
Height approx. - mm
Stroke 16,8 mm
Cylinder capacity 3,49 cm³
Length to hub 69,9 mm
Output (kW, PS) at 2,1 (2,71) at 33000 U/min
Carburettor 21M
Shaft thread 1/4"-28 UNF
Bore 16,27 mm