Graupner OS MAX 21XM Vers. II 2786


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3.46 cc displacement.
Version of Order No. 1912 with revised technical details.
The outboard motor OS MAX 21 XM Version II is equipped with silencer and a motor mount whose angle can be adjusted.
Particularly well suited for use with racing catamarans and other boats with a length of about 700 to 950 mm.


Distance of screw hole /longitudinal 17-34 mm
Distance of screw hole / crosswise 37 mm
Diameter of fixing hole 4,2 mm
Width 50 mm
rpm range, approx. 3000-25000 U/min
All-up weight, approx. 670 g
Height approx. 220 mm
Stroke 16,0 mm
Cylinder capacity 3,48 cm³
Length to hub 180 mm
Output (kW, PS) at 1,0 (1,3) at 25000 U/min
Carburettor 20J
Bore 16,6 mm