Graupner OS MAX 55HZ-R Limited Edition with Powerboost


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8.93 cc displacement
"Limited-Edition" of the proven OS MAX 55 HZ. The flanged regulator ensures constant fuel supply in all flight positions. High-performance helicopter motor for the 50 class.


Distance of screw hole /longitudinal 17,5 mm
Distance of screw hole / crosswise 44 mm
Diameter of fixing hole 4,2 mm
Width 52 mm
rpm range, approx. 2000 - 20000 U/min
All-up weight, approx. 429 g
Height approx. 72,6 mm
Stroke 23,5 mm
Cylinder capacity 8,93 cm³
Length to hub - mm
Overall length, approx. 107,6 mm
Output (kW, PS) at 2,1 PS bei 17000 U/min
Carburettor 40L-R
Shaft thread UNF 1/4"-28
Bore 23 mm