Graupner OS MAX FS-95V 2768


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15.55 cc displacement
High-performance four-stroke motor suitable for all kinds of aircraft models.

Uniform quality, high performance and reliability, long life
Easy-to-adjust 60P carburettor with idle regulator needle

Distance of screw hole /longitudinal 25 mm
Distance of screw hole / crosswise 52 mm
Diameter of fixing hole 4,2 mm
Width 61 mm
rpm range, approx. .... U/min
All-up weight, approx. .... g
Height approx. 119 mm
Stroke .... mm
Cylinder capacity 15,55 cm³
Output (kW, PS) .... kW (PS)
Output (kW, PS) at .... U/min
Carburettor 69P
Shaft thread UNF-5/16"-24
Bore .... mm