Graupner RADICATOR 3.0 Truggy 4WD 1:10 RTR 2.4 GHz


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The newly developed GM Racing Radicator 3.0 Truggy 4WD is the perfect vehicle for beginners in the RC car area. Thanks to the powerful motor, the model can reach high speeds. The low-loss, low service all-wheel drive ensures optimal propulsion. With its big wheels and high ground clearance, it can take on any terrain. The Radicator 3.0 Truggy is equipped standard with a high-quality GM Racing 2.4-GHz remote control and is 99% preassembled. All you need are a drive battery and dry or rechargeable cells for the remote control system, as well as a matching charger.

Preassembled ready-to-run vehicle with all-wheel drive
2 bevel gear differentials
2.4Ghz RC system with steering servo and receiver, fully installed and connected, steering linkage already adjusted
Powerful 540 motor and electronic speed controller
4 adjustable shock absorbers
Cardan drive shafts on the axles
Completely equipped with high-quality sinteredl bearings
Painted Truggy body
Additional features

Service-friendly, sturdy construction
One-piece GRP tub chassis
Permanently adjusted camber and toe-in
Stable frame for the motor
Completely encapsulated drive mechanism and central drive via articulated joint

An affordable start in the area of RC cars is the newly developed GM Racing Radicator 3.0 4WD Truggy. Despite the very affordable starting price, it offers everything that makes up a high-quality vehicle: shock absorbers, sintered bearings, 2 differentials, and a powerful motor for great driving fun. The high ground clearance means that the Radicator 4WD Truggy can easily operate in any terrain. The high-quality 2.4 GHz remote control ensures that you always have perfect control.


Scale 1:10
Overall length, approx. 420 mm
Width 320 mm
Height, approx. 165 mm
Wheelbase approx. 275 mm
Wheel diameter 115 mm
Ground clearance 30 mm
Reduction gear unit 1:8,8
Electric motor 540
All-up weight, approx. 1765 g

RC functions