KYOSHO 1:10 EP 4WD RAGE VE 30992T1


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Scale : 1:10 , Length: 395 mm Width: 280 mm Height: 140 mm; Wheelbase: 272 mm; remote control system : Perfex KT -200 2.4GHz FHSS

RC functions
Gas / brake, steering

With the RAGE VE KYOSHO brings a 4WD truck for the class 1:10 off at the start. In this case, you could draw close to the chassis on the race-proven components of the Fazer GP and devote specifically the redevelopment of the chassis and the drive train. It came out a 4WD model is similar to the Lazer ZX- 5, but it is much less focused on race but more on Bashen doorstep .

The RAGE VE is supplied as ReadySet with the KT -200 2.4GHz FHSS synchro remote control system . The drive train and all electronics are mounted ready in the model. The body is finished cut , painted and pasted with the decal sheet . Thus emerges the RAGE VE as a sparkling jewel from its packaging.

The chassis made of fiberglass reinforced plastic and forms the basis of the torsion electric off-roader . The trough-like shape and suitably worked webs the forces occurring during operation are best introduced into the chassis. Battery and motor sit particularly low in the chassis to achieve an extremely low center of gravity. The receptacle for the battery is so eye specifies that either conventional NiMH stick packs or the much more powerful LiPo Car batteries can be used.

Power transfer in the model via a smooth gimbal system on all four wheels. With a total of 17 ball bearings in the drivetrain is fully supported by ball bearings and extremely smooth. Furthermore, all movable parts are weight-optimized in order to keep the rotating mass in the drive train to a minimum . Thus, the model is very responsive to gas commands and gives the driver due to the high agility precise driving feel.

The NEONone engine is perfectly matched to the RAGE VE and delivers uncompromising racing performance "out of the box" . In Controls the motor by the Team Orion R10one controller, which has a high resolution and ultra-fast response times. On R10one control six-cell NiMH stick packs or 2s LiPo batteries can be connected either . The whole brushless system is designed Waterproof, so include electronics problems in rain or snow the past.

The RAGE VE has on the front and rear axle via a differential gear and high-quality big bore oil shocks of aluminum with adjustable spring preload. The shock towers are made of 5 mm thick plastic compound , have multiple attachment points for the damper and survive even harder enemy contacts without damage. The independent suspension feature classic double - wishbone with adjustable tracks, as well as a specially adapted to the chassis geometry. Overall, the suspension RAGE VE gives perfect traction for superb cornering speeds.

In developing the chassis of course into account experiences from the world champion of models with a KYOSHO . Features like lying steering servo , the perfect chassis balance , or particularly low center of gravity are also reflected in the RAGE VE chassis and lay the foundation of his outstanding performance !

The shapely body characterized by its aggressive look and emphasizes the technical demands of this chassis series.

• Ready to run ReadySet with KT -200 2.4GHZ FHSS Syncro remote control system
• WATERPROOF Team Orion brushless system
• Assembled and ready to set brushless power
• Full ball bearing drive train ( 17 ball bearings)
• Permanent all-wheel drive
• Light powertrain for reduced moving masses
• Extremely low center of gravity
• WATERPROOF KS- 204WP high-performance servo
• Chassis designed for the use of NiMH or LiPo batteries
• NEONone high - performance brushless motor
• High-resolution , ultra-fast R10one controller ( designed for LiPo)
• Extremely smooth-running all-wheel - gimbal
• Adjustable turnbuckles to adjust track and camber
• BigBore oil shocks of aluminum with adjustable spring preload
• HiGrip off-road tires on spoke rims
• Lightweight , torsion tub chassis of glass fiber reinforced plastic
• Designed for easy maintenance
• High Flow Concept Truck Body faithful to the original driver figure

Scope of delivery
• Ready to run Chassis with motor, ESC , servo and receiver
• KT -200 2.4GHz FHSS Syncro remote control system
• Pre-painted , cut and decaled body

Required accessories
• 4x ORI13600 dry battery AA Team Orion
• ORI30227 charger Advantage ONE 405
• ORI14170 Rocket Sport 3300 LiPo 25C 7.4V
• ORI14171 Rocket Sport 4200 LiPo 25C 7.4V

target group
Beginners , Fun- Racer & Backyard Basher
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