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Length: 485 mm Width: 385 mm Height: 212 mm; trace (v & h ): 300 mm Wheelbase: 320 mm Wheels: Ø145x80 mm Engine: GXR- 18SP , RC system : KT -200

RC functions
Gas / brake, steering

The DMT GP solves for pilots and spectators alike from euphoric enthusiasm storms. The GXR- 18SP engine with tuned pipe is a real propellant charge and gives the cars drive powers in never -before-seen form. In this case, the power can be very sensitive and metered directly . The chassis and drivetrain of the DMT GP incorporates the experience from the Monster Truck MFR and the OffRoad Buggy DBX . What resulted is a thoroughbred monster truck that sets new standards in its class and the competition puts the fear .

The DMT GP is supplied as ReadySet with the new 2.4GHz Perfex KT -200 remote control system . The heart of the DMT GP is the GXR- 18SP - combustion engine.

The chassis is milled from high quality aluminum and forms the basis for this torsion Racer . Front and rear axles feature a fully new developed layout and provide the necessary mechanical traction to bring the power of the GXR- 18SP on the runway. Besides, the front and rear axles are built exactly the same - a clear advantage for ease of service.

Another feature of the DMT GP has large volume BigBore oil shocks that are successful already come in the MFF for use . Especially on holey routes and wide leaps , these dampers significant benefits. The spring preload is continuously adjustable by knurled nuts with fine thread .

The all-wheel - drive train is full ball bearings and has three differential gears that provide a uniform force distribution to all four wheels . The High Grip Monster tires on front and rear axle have the same dimensions. They offer a perfect grip on any terrain. The wheel hubs fit for all standard 1/10 offroad rims.
Another highlight is the model in road ready mounted KT -200 Perfex remote control system with two high-performance servos ! So your commands implemented even under the harshest conditions in the 1:1 model.

The Monster -flow body is aerodynamically perfectly matched to the chassis and has an aggressive racing look ! In conjunction with the chromed rims and cool body design, the DMT GP impresses with its stylish appearance . So go performance and appearance go hand in hand and make the DMT GP the clear number one in this class!

• 1/10 GP 4WD Monster Truck with 2.4GHz Perfex KT -200 remote control system
• Powerful GXR- 18SP - combustion engine with tuned pipe
• BigBore oil shocks from the MFR
• Identical construction of the front and rear axle
• Permanent , full ball bearing wheel drive
• high-grip monster truck tires with chrome rims
• Monster -flow body with sophisticated graphics

Required accessories
• 4x AA battery 2700 ORI13502
• Battery Receiver Pack 1700 Hump ORI12244
• Charger Advantage Clubman ORI30125
• CRF Fuel OffRoad 25 % nitro

target group
Advanced & Professionals