KYOSHO 1:10 GP 4WD FW-06 Aston Martin DBR9 31368S


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Length: 372 mm Width: 200 mm Height: 100 mm; trace (v / h): 176 mm Wheelbase: 258 mm; Rreifen ( f / r) : 65x24 mm , weight : 1.800 g; Engine: GXR -15 , gear ratio: 7.47 / 5,44:1

With the new FW -06 chassis is a KYOSHO ReadySet racer on the wheels , which offers uncompromised performance and finest ingredients. Here, the bolide on high-quality servos, the high-resolution KT -200 Syncro remote control system and many suspension components out of the competition model has V-One RRR .

The basic concept of the FW -06 comes from the proven FW- 05T . The new chassis plate features a new layout with optimized RC box . By changing the chassis geometry and the flat design of the tank, in the FW -06 , an exceptionally low center of gravity in is achieved.

Front and rear axle feature over its predecessor with wider shock towers with numerous attachment points for the oil shocks . The rear lower wishbone come from the V-One RRR and deliver in conjunction with the newly developed wishbone pin receptacles maximum mechanical grip . The front axle is designed as a rigid axle and delivers uncompromising traction on any surface. In the rear axle sits a differential gear . The entire chassis is equipped with left and right screws and Pivotvball suspensions. These are features that are otherwise only found in competitive models.

The drive of the FW -06 is made by the GXR -15 engine with 2.5 cc and Resonsnzrohr . The powertrain has all-wheel drive with cardan shafts and a full ball bearing for minimal drive losses and a high top speed . The 2-speed transmission provides smooth shifts and ensures the efficient conversion of engine power into propulsion . The generously dimensioned wheel brake ensures fading delaying free from any speed.

The scope of delivery of the FW -06 includes the chassis , road ready built with the high resolution KT- 3HS remote control system and the pre-painted and cut Lexankarosserie . In addition, a fuel bottle , the GlowStarter and a key tool in the kit are included.

The FW -06 is reflected in every component KYOSHO 's many years of racing experience again . Features and performance set the standard at which the competitors will be measured . Take the FW -06 as a reference and compare for yourself - you will be amazed ... !

• Ready to run ReadySet
• Permanent all-wheel drive
• High-quality servo on the steering and throttle / brake
• GXR -15 engine with tuned pipe
• Full ball bearing drivetrain
• High-resolution KT -200 2.4GHz Syncro remote control system
• Tank with flat design
• High quality oil pressure shock absorbers made ​​of aluminum
• cushion tires 26 mm wide
• Power transmission through smooth shaft drive
• Width shock towers
• Pivot ball suspension from competition sport
• tie rods with R / L thread
• wishbone rear, top with R / L thread
• Power steering linkage with R / L thread
• Rear control arm and steering knuckle from the V-One RRR
• Tuning shock absorber springs
• Standard Transponder Holder

Required accessories
• 8 pcs AA NiMH batteries (4x transmitter / 4x model)
• Charger
• Fuel Team Orion CRF 16 % nitromethane

target group
Ambitious Racer