KYOSHO 1:7 EP 2WD Scorpion B-XXL VE 30974


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Length: 640 mm Width: 430 mm Height: 230 mm; trace (v / h): 365 mm Wheelbase: 435 mm; tires ( front / rear ) : 140/55 mm Gear ratio: 16:1 ; operating voltage ( EP) : 2s - 4s ( from 7.4 to 14.8 V ) weight: 4,400 g;

RC functions
Gas / brake, steering

With the Scorpion B -XXL VE KYOSHO offers a Readyset of superlatives. Not only the size is impressive, the features speak for themselves . The made ​​of 3mm thick aluminum and provided with double side stiffening chassis is designed to be especially durable and offers an ideal base for cool bash sessions or hard race on the track.

To keep the battery remains there where he developed the Scorpion B -XXL VE chassis was heard towards equipped with a new and intelligent battery holder. Thus, the framework can be customized depending on the battery type used . This causes the battery remains even with the wildest action ever in its place and is protected from damage.

The force of extra strong Vortex Brushless Motors Seven Team Orion is transmitted over a fully ball-bearing heavy-duty drive train , with a adjustable from the outside slipper clutch to the rear wheels . Matching propulsion is generated by the Dessert block tires on beadlock rim , which transmit the breathtaking power with a lot of grip on the ground and ensure perfect acceleration.

For the proper ground clearance , even in the most extreme jumps, provide the oversized oil shocks . Longer and Thicker than damper of the stadium truck Shocks are a match for any terrain , put away even the toughest blows and provide for a balanced handling of the model.

Even with the appearance makes the Scorpion B -XXL VE no compromises. The authentic look of a Baja buggies with robust front bumper, lamps and rear spoiler round off the overall impression of the model. For adequate cooling of the electronics functioning ventilation channels provide in disguise. And the battery change is not a problem with just a few easy steps to the body folded up in the comfortable ninety degree angle and defines the interior of the chassis free.

Waterproof electronics makes the B -XXL Fun Racer weatherproof. Controller, motor and servo are completely waterproof . The receiver is housed in a water-resistant receiver box. Thus exits are in the most adverse weather conditions no problem and the Scorpion B -XXL VE can every season to show what he's got.

• Team Orion LiPo brushless power
• Vortex XXL VE Water Protect regulator
• Vortex Seven Monster Brushless Motor
• Permanent controller fan operation
• Overload protection
• High-performance chassis made ​​from 3mm aluminum
• Fully Waterproof Controller & Motor
• Water -resistant receiver box
• 2.4GHz Perfex remote control system Syncro KT -201
• Extra large oil -filled shock absorbers
• Intelligent battery bracket for secure mounting of different battery types
• Deans ® Gold plug-in system
• fully ball -bearing drive train
• Faithful body with front bumper, lamps and rear spoiler
• Flip -top body design for easy access to the interior of the vehicle
• Extra Large Dessert block tires on beadlock rims
• Adjustable turnbuckles
• 17mm hex hubs
• Extremely rugged heavy -duty drive train
• Externally adjustable slipper clutch
• Gull -Wing Design Front
• mid-engine chassis layout
• Splash guard inside the body
• Fully functional side air channels
• Heavy duty side protection
• Complete with hexagon socket screws

Required accessories
• Battery Carbon Pro LiPo 90C 6.400mAh 14.8 V , ORI14050
• Charger Advantage Touch, ORI30185
• 4x AA 2100mAh Battery EZ , ORI13503

target group
Beginner, Intermediate & Professionals
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