Kyosho 1:8 4WD MAD FORCE KRUISER VE KT-200 30885S


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Weight: 3.750g , length : 545 mm , width 415 mm , height: 245 mm; trace (v ) : 310 mm; trace (h): 310 mm Wheelbase: 360 mm; tires ( v / h): 160 x 100 mm

Vortex Experience 8
Type: sensorless , speed 2,000 kV; Winding: 10T ; shaft : Ø 5.0 mm , max. Speed ​​: 30,000 rev / min , length : 77 mm

Regulator Vortex Experience 8
Type: sensorless ; cells: 2-4 Li , BEC : 6,0 V / 4,0 A; continuous load: 120 A; peak load : 160 A; Dimensions: 58x47x35 mm

RC functions
Gas / brake, steering

The Mad Force Kruiser VE provides a stunning performance directly from the ReadySet out! Here is the VE for Vortex Experience. In contrast to Mad Force Kruiser proven with his nitro engine , the VE is revved up by a vortex brushless drive from the home team Orion . The drive with either 2x 2s LiPo or 2x 7 cell NiMH can take place.

Drivers and spectators alike will be amazed by the explosive acceleration alike. Due to the hard-hitting power , it is sufficient to pull the throttle lever in the state once , already sets the Mad Force Kruiser VE first backflip onto the dance floor . In this context to mention that wheelies are the purest children's , is almost superfluous. There is also still a ramp into the game , the thing is really serious ! Fiese jumps for applause worthy shows makes the truck with the left and stays in the air always well controlled .

The chassis is milled from high quality aluminum and forms the basis for this torsion-free cars . Front and rear axles feature a fully new developed layout and provide the necessary mechanical traction to bring the power of the Vortex 8 drive to the slopes. Besides, the front and rear axles are built exactly the same - a clear advantage for ease of service.

Another feature of the MLC VE has large volume BigBore oil shocks , which offer significant advantages especially on holey routes and long jumps . The spring preload is continuously adjustable by knurled nuts with fine thread .

The all-wheel - drive train is full ball bearings and has two differential gears that provide a uniform force distribution to all four wheels . The High Grip Monster tires on front and rear axle have the same dimensions. They offer a perfect grip on any terrain. The wheel drivers fit for either 14 or 19 mm Rim shots.

Another highlight is the model in road ready assembled 2.4GHz KT -200 Synchro remote control system with a high-performance steering servo ! The servo has very fast response times and high holding torque . So your commands implemented even under the harshest conditions in the 1:1 model.

In ReadySet the vehicle is already mounted ready and provided with a painted body . A transmitter is attached. For operation only transmitter batteries , drive battery and a suitable charger to be purchased and the fun can begin!

• 1/ 8 EP Monster Truck ReadySet 2.4GHz KT -200 remote control system
• Permanent all-wheel drive
• Powertrain 20 - ball-bearing
• Power transmission by chain drive
• BigBore oil shocks
• Long wheelbase
• Front and rear axle are designed as swing axles
• Identical construction of the front and rear axle
• Plates and pinion gear of hardened steel
• Splash-proof RC box
• high-grip monster tires for perfect off-road traction
• Compatible for rim seat 14 /19 mm
• Designed for either 2x 2s LiPo Car batteries or 2x 7 cell NiMH Racing Packs

Scope of delivery
• Ready to run Chassis
• Pre-painted and trimmed body
• Team Orion Vortex 8 Motor 2000 KV
• Team Orion Vortex 8 Controller
• KT -200 2.4GHz Synchro remote control system

Required accessories
• 2x LiPo Rocket Pack 7.4 V/2.400-4.000 mAh ORI14104 - ORI14107
• Advantage Clubman LiPo charger ORI30126
• 8x AA battery 2100mAh EZ ORI13503

target group
Beginner, Intermediate & Professionals