KYOSHO 1:8 4WD Psycho Kruiser VE 30886


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Length: 550 mm Width: 427 mm Height: 230 mm; Wheelbase: 355 mm; trace (v & h ) : 289 mm ; tires ( f / r) : ø148 x 66 mm Gear ratio: 12,375:1 ; Weight approx : 4,650 g; motor: Brushless , remote control: Syncro KT -201 LCD 2.4GHz FHSS

RC functions
Steering, gas / brake

Monster trucks have a long tradition in KYOSHO and have always been synonymous with advanced technology and extremely strong performance. The Psycho Kruiser the bar is raised again and KYOSHO leads to the Psycho Kruiser a new Leisungs and quality level in the class of the Monster Truck Ready Sets a . In addition to a contemporary 2.4GHz remote control system has the Psycho Kruiser an extremely powerful brushless drive from the house and a Team Orion designed for wild Bashen battery box for up to 6s LiPo batteries .

Thus saith the Psycho Kruiser not only the performance oriented hobby racer , but also challenging recreational pilots who require sophisticated technology and maximum performance at a fair price . Due to the extremely low center of gravity unprecedented performance to be achieved so far in a monster truck , and make the Psycho Kruiser also become a serious opponent on the track. So has the Psycho Kruiser maximum performance and top-end features that you are looking at our competitors in this class in vain ... !

• ReadySet with Syncro LCD remote control system KT -201 2.4GHz FHSS
• Team Orion LiPo brushless power
• Permanent controller fan operation
• Overload protection
• Waterproof Team Orion Brushless ESC R8one
• Permanent all-wheel drive
• Waterproof Team Orion R8one high-performance brushless motor
• Three differential gear
• Heavy Duty Front Bumper
• Big bore oil filled shock absorbers with 3.5 mm piston rod
• wishbones and track rods with R / L thread
• Wheelie support on rear axle
• New heavy duty support braces for gear boxes
• Splash guard on the rear axle
• Waterproof high-performance KS -203 steering servo
• Kardanantriebswellen on the front axle
• heavy-duty transmission gears at the front and rear axle
• Micro Pin tires for maximum traction
• monster truck body with double cab and Supercharger air inlet for an aggressive look

Scope of delivery
• Ready to run Chassis with motor, ESC , servo and receiver
• KT -201 2.4GHz FHSS Syncro remote control system
• Pre-painted , cut and decaled body

Required accessories
• Charger Advantage Touch Advance ORI30207
• Battery Carbon Pro LiPo 14,8 V / 6.400mAh ORI14050
• 4x AA battery 2700mAh ORI13502

target group
Performance fanatics, Fun- Racer & Backyard Basher