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Length: 490 mm ​​Width: 307 mm Height: 180 mm; Wheelbase: 325 mm; trace (v & h ) : 254 mm ; gear ratio : 12,6:1 ; Approx weight: 3700 g; Motor: Brushless

Following the highly successful introduction of the Inferno MP9 series now breaks a new era in the class 1/8 to OffRoad . After countless decades of the internal combustion engine through a LiPo brushless motor package is replaced . In addition to a much quieter engine running , the new drive concept impresses with a huge power potential, which , however, can be metered sensitively by sophisticated controller technology.

The MP9e is based on the successful concept of the MP9 chassis and has been specially adapted for the use of powerful LiPo brushless systems. Already during test runs in Europe, the USA and Asia MP9e achieved numerous racing successes . So Martin Karner finished last in the Arena Race in Italy an outstanding second place with a prototype chassis.

So the MP9e presented as a pure-bred competition offroad buggy 1/8 scale , which has a smooth wheel drive. In the driveline sit three differential gears, distribute engine power to the wheels. The chassis is designed for the use of brushless motors , such as the Team Orion Vortex 8 It can be used in MP9e course, but also other brushless systems. To drive a 4s LiPo battery is required. The battery holder is designed so that all commercially available rechargeable batteries can be used.

The M -size big bore oil shocks are made from high quality aluminum and give the MP9e its perfect off-road traction . The chassis plate is made ​​of 3.2 mm thick 7075 aluminum CNC machined , and forms the basis of the torsion cars . All chassis parameters can be individually adjusted to suit the model at every possible slope. Here, the MP9e features from a kit out already with the standard setup with an excellent basic speed . The new aerodynamic shape of MP9e body was developed in the wind tunnel to obtain the maximum aerodynamic efficiency in combination with the rear spoiler . The perfect aerodynamics the driver feels at long jumps at high speed. Here shines the MP9e with incredibly stable and well-controlled flight characteristics !

Another guiding principle in the development of MP9e was the minimization of all moving masses in the drive train . This reduction was , inter alia, achieved by reduced differential gear . Furthermore, the spoiler and the Cardan mount have been modified in order to save weight.
The MP9e offers a variety of innovative adjustability to adapt the model to different track conditions . Thus, for example, be changed into four stages of the wheelbase. In the entire chassis only come allen screws for use . The MP9e omitted completely (!) On E- Clipse . Despite the large number of settings with which complex setups can be developed , has the MP9e with the standard setup out of the box out with an outstanding performance. The completely newly developed chassis geometry , has the MP9e on an outstanding straight-line stability on slopes pitted . Front and rear axles are equipped with plastic bearings for the hinge pin pivot to change the caster quickly and easily. All track and trace settings can be made without the front bumper has to be removed ! The steering lever at MP9e are now also manufactured as standard from 7075 aluminum and are standard . The attachment points for the wishbones sit extremely low to further lower the center of gravity in the model.

The center differential has a particularly large volume. So the diff reserves in the long run its set blocking effect and provides a perfect power distribution from the first to the last lap .

All parts of the MP9e are manufactured on state of the art vending machines in Japan . Thus , only the new high quality 7075 aluminum is used , the guaranteed maximum durability with minimal weight ! The plastics used have maximum strength values ​​in order to prevent breakage of the components.
The rear axle features a unique dirt protectors that effectively prevent mud and dirt settle to the cardan shaft and the inner rim sides. Also, this feature is included in the MP9e standard!

With the MP9e we offer the ideal basis for successful competition use in the electrical class. Due to the variety of real innovation and the outstanding production and material quality, MP9e is the most powerful weapon for the class 1/8 OffRoad electric . So the MP9e is currently the most safest investment to operate electric racing at the highest level .

• Competition OffRoad Buggy the latest generation
• Designed for LiPo brushless power systems
• A total of 6 high-quality cardan shafts throughout the drive train
• CNC machined engine mount
• Permanent all-wheel drive
• 3 differential gear
• Race-proven big bore oil shocks
• Centered and optimized mass distribution
• Total construction without E- Clipse
• Extremely lightweight powertrain
• High ground speed with the standard setup
• Easy adjustment of caster on the front & rear axle
• High -capacity center differential
• Optimized spoiler position
• Maximum aerodynamic efficiency through new body design
• Dirt protectors on the rear axle
• RC Box with cable channel
• Maximum durability with selected, high quality materials
• Very user-friendly maintenance

Required accessories
• 2- channel remote control system
• HiPerformance servo No. ORI68000
• Vortex 8 brushless 1750KV PowerSet No. ORI66037
• Vortex 8 brushless 1950KV PowerSet No. ORI66038
• Vortex 8 brushless 2300KV PowerSet No. ORI66039
• Carbon Molecular LiPo 14,8 V / 5.100mAh / 40C No. ORI14033
• complete set AKA I-Beam , Order No. 14001MPW
• Silicone oils and fats

target group
Ambitious Racer & Competition professionals