Kyosho Birel R31-SE Racing Kart 31315T1


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Length: 425 mm Width: 302 mm Height: 198 mm; trace (v ) : 238 mm; trace (h): 257 mm Wheelbase: 260 mm; tires ( v) : 56x30 mm; tire (h): 58x45 mm weight: 2,100 g; engine: GZ -15

RC functions
Gas / brake, steering

The fascination of the kart sport is unbroken! Have yet all the famous racers completed their first meters in this class. KYOSHO 's scale model of the Birel R31 -SE Racing karts in 1/5 scale , impresses with its uncompromising performance and breathtaking driving pleasure !

The torsionally rigid base of the kart is a CNC-machined from high-quality duralumin chassis plate . The design is selected so that all forces occurring during operation are best introduced into the chassis. The front wheels are mounted on ball bearings and fit like the original in unsprung wheel carriers . The rear axle is designed as a T- bar, which is CNC machined from GfK . In conjunction with the high-grip rubber tires , arising from the typical kart handling.

Maximum performance and ease of use were the target in the development of the new GZ -15 engine. The engine is equipped with a two-needle slide carburetor in aluminum-plastic construction. One feature that is usually found only in very expensive high performance engines. Through this material pairing a particularly good hot start behavior is achieved because the carburetor body can not heat up so much . To improve performance, the GZ is equipped with tuned pipe , together with robust manifold. The completely new geometry of the cooling head , a particularly large surface is achieved , which allows perfect heat dissipation. The special shape allows optimum flow around the cylinder head while driving.

The power is transmitted via a smooth and efficient timing belt system. The rear axle is designed as a rigid drive-through . So the power of the GZ -15 engine is mercilessly put into propulsion. Just like the original, the brake is applied in the model on the rear axle.

The driver doll and the plastic parts are made of highly impact-resistant plastic that deforms in the event of a case and absorbs the forces.
In developing the Birel Racing Karts naturally into account experiences from the World Champion V-One RRR models and Evolva with a . Features like the perfect chassis balance , or particularly low center of gravity , of course, are also reflected in the Birel Racing Kart and lay the foundation of his success !

With the R31 -SE kart racing we offer much more than just a showpiece ... ! Is a result of the high-quality racing technology and the sophisticated chassis concept , KYOSHO 's Birel Racing Kart Racing designed for real ! And who is active even in karting , will be absolutely delighted with the prototypical look of the R31 ... !

• Ready to run ReadySet with Perfex remote control system
• High-quality servo on the steering and throttle / brake
• GZ -15 engine with tuned pipe
• Two -needle slide carburetor in aluminum-plastic construction
• Clutch bell with needle bearings in steel with 2-shoe racing clutch
• Power transmission by toothed belt smooth-running system
• rear axle with rigid drive
• Disc brakes on the rear axle
• Rigid chassis of duralumin
• High -grip rubber tires
• Designed for easy maintenance
• Supplied complete with Fuel Bottle and GlowStarter

Required accessories
• 12x Mignon ( AA)
• Fuel Cool Power Sidewinder 16 % nitro methane

target group
Beginners & Ambitious Racer