Kyosho BK 1:10 EP RTR AXXE T3 rot (30837T3)


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Length: 410 mm Width: 230 mm Height: 140 mm; Wheelbase: 270 mm; trace (v / h): 190 mm ​​wheels: Ø 100 mm x 36 mm Gear ratio: 8.76:1 ; Weight Approx: 1,500 g

RC functions
Gas - brake , steering

With the EZ series, KYOSHO returns with a bang in the models for entry into the model segment. In this case, you could draw close to the chassis on the race-proven components of the Ultima series and devote specifically the Neutentwicklung of the chassis and the drive train. This work has a sophisticated and robust 2WD racer is to master a technical as well as his driving and easy.

The AXXE is supplied as ReadySet with the reliable 2.4GHz KT -200 Syncro remote control system . The drive train and all electronics are mounted ready in the model. The body panels are pre-painted and pasted with the decal sheet . So the AXXE emerges as a sparkling jewel on its packaging .

The chassis made from sturdy plastic compound and forms the basis of the torsion-free electric cars . The trough-like shape and suitably worked webs the forces occurring during operation are best introduced into the chassis. Battery and motor sit particularly low in the chassis to achieve an extremely low center of gravity. The battery is securely stowed in the accessible from below battery box in the chassis and can easily be changed without removing the body.

The 22T HiPower engine is perfectly matched to the AXXE and delivers uncompromising racing performance "out of the box" . In Controls the engine is KA -18 controller, which has a high resolution and ultra-fast response times with the new Perfex .

The suspension on the rear axle has a differential gear and high-quality shock absorber with adjustable spring preload. The shock towers are made ​​of thick plastic compound , have multiple attachment points for the damper and survive even harder enemy contacts without damage. The independent suspension feature classic double - wishbone with specially adapted to the chassis geometry. Overall, the suspension gives the chassis AXXE perfect traction for superb cornering speeds.
The faithful Dessert Race high-grip offroad tires are bolted to the rim and can be assembled or disassembled in minutes without glue.

In the development of the EZ Series AXXE chassis of course were also incorporated the experience of the high-end models Ultima RB5 with SCR and . Features like lying steering servo , the perfect chassis balance , or particularly low center of gravity are also reflected in the EZ Series AXXE chassis and lay the foundation of his outstanding performance !

With its technical features , the complete delivery and the outstanding performance values ​​of AXXE has a unique selling point on the paper. But his true strengths plays the AXXE from only road or the race track ! Acceleration , top speed and cornering - the AXXE is superior felt in every discipline of competition.

The shapely body elements are characterized by their aggressive racing style and underline the technical demands of this chassis series.

• 1/10 EP 2WD buggy with Syncro KT -200 remote control system
• Designed for 6-cell NiMH Racing Packs
• Cool Dessert Race - body design
• Based on the design of the Ultima competition models
• High-resolution KA18 - ride Egler
• High-torque 22T electric motor
• Robust tub chassis made ​​of plastic
• Heavy -duty differential gear
• Efficient power transfer through smooth powertrain
• Generously dimensioned shock
• Upgrade kit for filling the damper with oil included in the delivery.
• Adjusting the spring preload via knurled nut
• Sophisticated suspension system with innovative layout
• Numerous mounting points for the damper to change the setup
• 12mm rims recording
• Pre-assembled modules as a spare part for easy handling
• Easy access battery box at the bottom
• Authentic driver figure
• Bead -Lock Wheel with screwed connection to the Tires
• Special Dessert Race HighGrip offroad tires
• Rugged and ready pasted Karosserielemente
• Full-size spare tire on the rear of the vehicle
• Wide range of available accessories and tuning parts

Scope of delivery
• Ready to run Chassis with motor, ESC , servo and receiver
• 2.4GHz KT -200 Syncro remote control system
• Pre-painted , assembled and decaled body elements

Required accessories
• 4x ORI13600 dry battery AA Team Orion
• Advantage IQ605 charger ORI30154
• ORI10338E Sport Power 1800 Stick NiMH (7.2 V , Tam - plug)
• ORI10325E Sport Power 2200 Stick NiMH (7.2 V , Tam - plug)
• ORI10326E Sport Power 3300 Stick NiMH (7.2 V , Tam - plug)
• ORI10327E Sport Power 4000 Stick NiMH (7.2 V , Tam - plug)
• ORI10347 Sport Power 4500 Stick NiMH (7.2 V , Tam - plug)
• ORI10368 Rocket Pack 2 NiMH Stick Battery ( 1.800mAh / 7.2 V)
• ORI10369 Rocket Pack 2 NiMH Stick Battery ( 2.700mAh / 7.2 V)
• ORI10370 Rocket Pack 2 NiMH Stick Battery ( 3.700mAh / 7.2 V)
• ORI10371 Rocket Pack 2 NiMH Stick Battery ( 4.200mAh / 7.2 V)
• ORI10373 Rocket Pack 2 NiMH Stick Battery ( 5.100mAh / 7.2 V)

target group
Beginners & leisure Racer