KYOSHO - BK#1:12 EP 2WD PLAZMA Ra 30422R


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Length: 271 mm , width : 166 mm , height: 50 mm; Track (f / r ) : 164/166-172 mm Wheelbase: 200 mm Weight: 730 g (with body ) Gear ratio: 1: 1
RC functions
Gas / brake, steering
The thrill of speed , this phrase best describes the emotions that a driver when moving the Plazma Ra on the racetrack experienced. Re- imposed in the 21st Century around the Plazma back in the race . Even earlier was the Plazma as an uncompromising racing machine and the Plazma Ra is this in every way. Made of high- tech materials aluminum and carbon , can be seen at first glance where the bolide is at home . On the track, the Plazma Ra can play out his skills . Consistently trimmed to lightweight it takes the Plazma Ra on with any competition.

The under current development progress , designed as link rear suspension chassis offers not only a perfectly positioned battery , but also the layout and arrangement of other components serve the best possible chassis balance. With its extensive and easily accessible setup options Plazma Ra is the ideal base for the Club Racing after work or the trump card in the battle for top positions in top level racing.

The chassis is designed so that it can be used equally in the various categories , such as dried or modified . Here, the Plazma Ra features from a kit out a very high basic speed . Finding the optimal setups is much easier , since the model reacts comprehensible to all changes of each parameter.

Power transfer in the Plazma Ra is 1:1 from the engine to the rear axle. All drive parts are especially easily kept in order to keep the moving mass as low as possible and to make the power transfer as efficiently as possible. The driving dynamics of the Plazma Ra sets new standards , the border area has become much more tangible and the cornering speeds are breathtaking.

The chassis is CNC - milled from high -density carbon fiber and form the basis of the Plazma Ra. The chassis plate is designed for the reception of LiPo Car batteries. All holes are symmetrical with respect to the chassis longitudinal axis , in order to obtain a perfect balance of the chassis .

The holder for the engine and rear axle are machined from aluminum and easily accessible. Moreover quickly create different roll centers can be set.

The extra large differential is particularly durable , but acts through consistent lightweight construction does not adversely affect the rotating mass from .

All booms are fitted with R / L threads , in order to make the handling of the vehicle as easy as possible. Front and rear axles feature a highly sophisticated axle geometry , which gives the Plazma Ra highest level of mechanical grip . The extra lightweight wheel mounts are designed to fit all available wheels of the most common providers.

The damper is centrally located precisely manufactured and works absolutely smooth , thereby an extremely smooth ride achieved what undesired load change reactions avoids .

For optical finishing all aluminum parts are anodized red , so the model also looks identical to the distinctive CI by KYOSHO .

The sophisticated design and fine craftsmanship set new standards in this highly competitive class. In conjunction with the Team Orion range KYOSHO offers an outstanding overall package which "out of the box" is capable of winning .
• chassis and pivot plates made ​​of high- tech carbon material
• Compatible with all standard 1S LiPo batteries and brushless systems
• Extra light aluminum motor mount
• Universal wheel mount ( fits most wheel types )
• Best chassis balance and damping characteristics
• Fully adjustable rear suspension with quick change axle brackets
• Extra large ball differential compatible with DD- type main gears
• Compatible with Futaba and JR servos mini-
• body mounts made ​​of plastic to protect the main chassis
• L / R identically designed front axle for cheap spare parts

Performance Parts 50th Anniversary Edition :
• Black anodized aluminum parts
• 2 optional roll damper included
• Optional Wheel Hubs / Bulk Head in the delivery
Required accessories
• 2 -channel remote control system
• Vortex R10 Pro Brushless ESC , 1- 2S ORI65101
• Vortex VST PRO 4.5 Modified ORI28224
• Servo KS- 3405 36101
• Carbon Pro 6400mAh 90C power battery 3.7V ORI14039
• Computer Charger Advantage RaceSpec ORI30127
• lexan body
• Wheels & Tires
target group
Ambitious Racer & Competition professionals