MULTIPLEX Extra 300S 1,20m RR


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The full-size Extra 300 S is a single-seat aerobatic aircraft with a wingspan of 7.5 m, powered by a Lycoming six-cylinder opposed engine generating 300 BHP. It is a very popular aircraft, widely flown in aerobatic competitions, airshows and air-races.

Our ELAPOR® model is of manageable size, and offers a superb aerobatic performance as well as looking great.

The machine’s lines are very accurate, and it features numerous details such as dummy rivets and exhausts, a detailed cockpit interior and a scale colour scheme. The Extra 300 S is primarily designed for the classic aerobatic schedule, but also copes very well with 3D flying. Competent pilots will thoroughly enjoy positive and negative snap-rolls, knife-edge flight and flips. The 4S power system provides enormous power and stunning vertical climbing ability.

Outstanding aerobatic characteristics
Scale appearance: original colour scheme, clear canopy and numerous details
All control surfaces attached with recessed “knuckle” hinge lines
Detachable wing and tail panels
Flight time approx. 7 min (4S ~2600 mAh)

Wingspan approx.: 1200 mm
Fuselage length approx.: 1086 mm
Wing area approx.: 37,23 dm²
Weight: 1450 g
Box contents:
Accesories built-in/included: Included
Motor: Incl.
ESC: Incl.
Servos: Incl.
Needed to complete:
Radio: Min 4 CH
Batteries: DYMOND LiPo 2400 mAh 4s
Charger: DYMOND POWER plus