Multiplex glider KA-8 3,0m RR 275030


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Multiplex 275030 - Ka 8B gliding classics with flair


The Ka8 B is a legendary design by Rudolf Kaiser , built by Alexander Schleicher 1976 . With over 1300 units built, a real success story. The good natured flight characteristics and light but sturdy construction made ​​this glider in many clubs of choice for pilots who should complete their first solo flights . To date, just under 400 Ka 8 at the club .

The Ka of 8 B multiplex is constructed in wood -rib construction , broadly corresponding to the model . It comes almost ready to fly out of the box . The servos are installed , as well as the electrical spoilers . By GRP nose several alternatives are possible , the equipment with an aero-tow release or the installation of an electric drive. Of course, also the classic towhook be attached. With 3 m wingspan (scale 1:5) is the handling and transportation easy. The model is ready to go in minutes.

Scope of delivery

- Model in wood - rib design built and covered with high-quality film
- 2 servos ( Hitec HS -85) installed in the area
- 2 servos ( Hitec HS -430 BH) installed in the fuselage
- Built-in two electrical spoilers
- CFRP spar
- Labels & Instructions