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Ka 8B gliding - a classic with flair

The legendary Ka8 B is designed by Rudolf Kaiser and built by Alexander Schleicher in 1976. With over 1300 built planes a real success story. The good flight characteristics and light but sturdy construction made this glider in many clubs to the first choice for pilots who should complete their first solo flights.

The Ka 8B from Multiplex is a conventional wood-rib construction. It comes almost ready to fly out of the box. The servos are installed, as well as the electrical airbrakes. With 3 m wingspan (scale 1:5) the handling and transportation is very easy. The model is ready to fly in minutes.

The Ka 8B - a model that will inspire many pilots.

Carton contents:
Model in wood-rib design built and covered with high-quality film
2 installed servos (Hitec HS-85) in the wing
2 servos (Hitec HS-430 BH) installed in the fuselage
2 built-in electric airbrakes
CFRP spar
Decals & Instructions

Wingspan approx.: 3,00m
Fuselage length approx.: 1,37 m
Wing area approx.: 59 qdm
Weight: 2250 g