Ofna GT-V2 Pro 4WD Nitro 80% Roller CV-Type


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Feel the adrenaline, the force of power, and the intense speed! Your trigger finger will thank you for it. GT 1/8th scale is where it's at and with the new OFNA GTV2, size will sure catch your eye as this takes your skill to another level. This GTV2 PRO offers tons of features that will blow your mind; like 5mm shock towers, silky smooth drivetrain, superb aluminum shocks, a sonic 2-speed transmission, and wheel, tire and body combo that makes the GTV2 PRO shine as it speeds away from competitors. OFNA representation in big scale on road had been on top since the release of the ULTRA and we are not about to let up. The GTV2 PRO is the latest in our long history and will further push us in racing and speed charts as we push this class to be an elite form of racing. Get one of these beasts from your retailer and see what speed is all about.

The GT-V2 has the strength of a buggy with full bodied arms, solid caster blocks and steering k

nuckles, with steel shielded bearings. The CVAs keep the car moving foward with good handling from the steering and the up and down travel from the arms keeping it going at full speed. Steel turnbuckles for camber and steering help you dial in more camber and toe if nessesary for any situation.

The servo saver system is spring loaded at the top for quick adjustment. The included sealed bearings help your servo power efficiently. Connection to the saver system is the CNC aluminum draglink with three point akerman positions. A quick change in the akerman is possible with a buffer screw adjustment to any of the three positions for either a quick responding steering or to dial out some aggressiveness.

At the front of the gearbox a hi-density front bumper is sandwiched together by the bumper assembly keeping it safe from hard crashes or those moving curves.

These shocks are down right awesome! Silky smooth hardcoated shock bodies push the piston up and down freely to gain the most traction out of your shocks. With threaded shock bodies the ride height collars can be adjusted precisely to get the ride height you are looking for. Aluminum shock caps with bladders seal in the shock oil along with o-rings. The nitride coated shock shafts glide with ease. These shocks are quick and easy to maintain and change oils in a quick timely manner.

The GT-V2 nitro places all major components centered and foward on the chassis, allowing fast steering capability. Stand up steering and throttle servos are placed close to the centeline keeping the rolling affect to a minimum. With all components moved foward the chassis has a flex point between the rear chassis brace and the bulkhead providing pivioting traction as the GT-V2 goes into high speed cornering. The forward weight off-power and rear traction on-power engineering give balance to the GT.

The two speed, two shoe transmission provides the acceleration and speed to use all your engine's powerband. Shift point and shift engage are quick and easy to adjust for fine tuning the 1st to 2nd gear shift point. Aluminum gear hubs keep rotational weight down and bearings keep the two speed rolling as free as possible. Dual fiber drilled brakes and metal spring return pads do all the stopping and are very light in order to keep the rotational weight down at the center of the GT-V2.

The rear end has strong arms connected to uprights with wheelbase adjustments and camberlink positions. The rear CVAs are held in place with more sealed bearings so the diff can do it's job in traction control.

Setup is a breeze in the rear as the shock tower has shock position changes and inner camberlink angles, a sway bar to control roll, steel turnbuckles for camber setting, an anti-squat plate with degree inserts and an aluminum rear toe plate with degree inserts to help the high speed stability of the car.

The rear bumper serves two purposes. First, it protects the car in the event of a rear end collision. Second, it acts as a diffuser just like in full scale. It gets downforce to the rear as air flow passes under the car and the small fins under the bumper keep some side bite for the car.

Centerline CVAs push your power into the gearbox to drive out to the wheels. The differentials and pinions front and rear are hardened and straight cut to handle the large amount of torque given from the motor and both front and rear are oil filled for the best possible traction you can put to the car.

The GT-V2's 125cc tank has intergrated fuel clips for wrapping the fuel line around the way you want it. The tank contains a fuel clunk to save you from flameout when the car is upside down. A fuel shroud is molded into the tank preventing fuel from splashing onto the front brake. An easy pull tank lid opener is allows for quick and clean fuel stops.


CNC Big Bore Shocks
Nitride Shock Shafts
CNC Aluminum Chock Caps & Collars
Threaded Shock Bodies
5mm Hard Anaodized Shock Towers
Full Bearing Set
2-Speed Transmission
CNC Hinge Pin Holders
Rear Diffuser Bumper
Steel Adjustable Turnbuckles
Long 3mm Hard Anaodized Chassis
Countersunk Chassis
Lightweight F/R Outdrives
CNC Aluminum 3-Shoe Clutch
Spin-on Gearing Clutch Bell
Spring Loaded Servo Saver
6 Spoke Wheels
Super Soft Racing Tires
Aluminum Radio Tray
Dal Fiber Disk Brake
Clunk Style Fuel Tank
Quick Adjustable Body Mounts
F/R Sway Bars
Mounted Stone Guards
Super Strong Suspension Arms
Front Kingpin & Hub Suspension
Sealed Radio Box
Two Stage Air Filter